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Gamecock Sailing Promo Video 2015-2016


Thank goodness Mackey knows how to use a GoPro & put together awesome videos like this one! 

Windy Days Make Fun Practices 


March 8th, 2016 | GoPro video made by Margaux Marie Bacro-Duverger featuring Ian Christine

Kyle and Mackey Take Lake Murray


February 9th, 2016| GoPro video made by Mackey Leventis featuring Kyle Drain

Warm Weather & Fun 


February 16th, 2016 | GoPro video made by Mackey Leventis featuring Ashley Thess

Gamecock Sailing Promo Video


MKMetts throwin down this sick 2016 Gamecock Sailing promo video

(Note- video ends at 5:20, our editing skills aren't as good as our sailing & we did not know how to stop it at that point!)  

Reestablishing Gamecock Sailing


Alumni Austin Price speaks about his background in sailing and how he reestablished Gamecock Sailing.